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At any special, large-scale event for your home, one thing nobody thinks about is the Event Security. Rightfully so! The Security Guards are there to keep the guests safe and to be unobtrusive, practically invisible. Of course it's easy for those people planning events to forget about the Security Services until it's too late.
Security Companies often times need advance notice to make certain they'll have enough guards to staff your event. The Security Company will work with you to provide adequate guards that will ensure the safety and security of your guests.

Securitymontreal.com has local and National Listings of Security Companies with services for Parties,clubs, Weddings and Special Events.

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Unlike Closed Circuit Cameras, IP Surveillance Cameras or Network Security Cameras can be defined as the transmission of video utilizing open internet protocols and standards for the purpose of recording and monitoring remotely, typically via the Internet. This should not be confused with more proprietary methodologies of transmitting video in which only the manufacturer of the camera can decode the video for the

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purpose of recording and/or display. Many IP Security Cameras (also called Internet Cameras, but not to be confused with Web Cams) provide software that allows the cameras image to viewed in client software or a web browser - in some cases IP security cameras also include microphones so you can hear not just see.


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Hautech Security Systems are designed to do just that. We make your security a matter of simplicity and give you peace of mind.We all need to feel safe and secure. That means protecting the things that matter to us most such as our families, our businesses and our belongings.Finding a way to make these things secure is what Hautech Security Systems does best.

Securo Guard Services has the knowledge and resource to effectively respond to ever-changing threats and help minimize risk. With over 1.2 million reported cases of property crime in Canada last year, and over 300,000 reported cases of violent crime, who can you turn to for protection against danger or loss? Securo is the answer...